Say Goodbye to Wasted Weekend Nights Preparing Application Packages

December 14, 2020

We’ve all been there. Deadline on Monday, and a mountain of data entry between you and Tiger King. Don’t let reporting and formatting take over your social life (or your Netflix queue) ever again.

QuickSCIP’s Custom Reporting feature solves all of your data entry, formatting and reporting needs - and fast.

Manual reporting not only takes forever, but over time, you’re bound to make mistake after mistake - which means even more time spent fixing them because they have to be perfect! At the end of the day, it may seem easy to justify these hours spent on reporting since these reports are what drive your revenue. But if you added it all up, the time spent on these reports would be hundreds of hours, which is time that *could* be spent on generating more revenue.

Those endless hours of data entry are over. Simply map the form you’d like to export to, choose the candidates to export, and let QuickSCIP do the work for you. Within 24 hours, we’ll deliver hundreds of beautiful reports in the exact formatting requirements you needed. Perfectly packaged and ready to submit.

And it can be done for SCIP docs, power app submittals, permits, and more.

QuickSCIP your reports and take back your nights and weekends. Because no one should be knee-deep in Excel sheets on a Sunday night.

Go ahead, this sigh of relief is on us.

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