See the Big Picture with Control Tower

December 14, 2020

It’s called Control Tower for a reason. Not only are you in control, you get the best high-level view of your candidates and all their data.

It’s one of our favorite features because it’s the most powerful. If alternating between Google maps, double checking coordinates and sifting through spreadsheets, while trying to keep track of candidate details sounds familiar to you, then you have to see what Control Tower can do.

We struggled through the same old processes too, which is why we designed our desktop app around solving these common pain points. We didn’t stop until we had a dynamic tool capable of handling all of your site selection needs from one single page.

You can easily view, filter, sort and search all of your candidate data or rings. This information can include pole pics, power and telco details, search ring viability and more. Need to see it in real time? Our street view feature allows you to perform virtual site visits and view candidates from 360 degrees. Review, modify, filter and sort SCIP data - and we went a step further by enabling bulk editing. Another time-saving feature is the preview of rings, allowing you to instantly see ring details.

And yes, that’s all possible from one page. We told you it was powerful. But wait, there’s more! You can also assign rings and route technicians, use our pre-made SCIP templates or create custom forms, and export your data into any format you need.

Take the reins with Control Tower and say goodbye to tedious paper processes of old. QuickSCIP is here to modernize your site selection workload.

Need to see it for yourself? Schedule a demonstration today.

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