Finally, an App Made Just for Wireless

Built for speed: complete a SCIP, an A&E Walk and a SAQ Site Visit all at once - in under 20 minutes.

We Have An Automation For That!

With QuickSCIP, you get accurate coordinates, automatic address lookups, auto distance calculations, logic based questions that filter out bad candidates, and more. Our tool was specifically designed to accelerate wireless deployments, so you get incredible optimizations that aren't available anywhere else.

Address Lookups

No more hours of researching closest addresses to your candidates; press a single button and Site Selector will fill in the address instantly.

Coordinate Picker

Let's be honest. The GPS on our phones is not accurate. So, we created a way for you to select the perfect coordinates in seconds.

Calculate Distance

Measuring wheels are no longer needed on a site walk. Simply drop pins on your candidate and power/telco, and we'll calculate for you.

SITE selector

Faster, more accurate and better sites.

With a live map of all your assigned rings, field technicians can view the grid as a whole, allowing for a holistic view of RF's requirements.

Visualize Your Rings

This gives you a better understanding of where you should be picking your candidates (not too close to other rings, for instance).
Your team will not only move faster, but will make better site selections.

Logic Based Forms

You can prevent the selection of bad candidates before it happens by building logic right into your site selection forms.
Examples of this include, "Is candidate within 250' of the centroid?" or "Does candidate have a transformer located on it?" or "Is this ROW?"

Wireless will never be the same

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