How Wireless Companies are Using QuickSCIP’s Site Selector to Complete SCIP, A&E and SAQ Walks in Less Than 20 Minutes Total

July 7, 2020

With the ability to rapidly audit and map sites with Site Selector, technicians have ample time to collect more data while they’re at each site.

A wireless vendor ran a series of tests using QuickSCIP in order to determine which QuickSCIP method reduced waste and improved times the most. Let’s dig in:

200 candidates were completed while only collecting the minimum amounts of data in order to speed up SCIP data collection. Once the carrier selected each site through lockdown or scoping session, the vendor deployed another team of folks out to perform A&E walks only on sites that were selected by RF.

Another set of 200 candidates were completed using the Single Visit method, where technicians performed an A&E walk on every candidate in a SCIP, which creates unneeded work in a way, because they’re collecting data on sites they will most likely not need (e.g., if the A candidate is chosen, B and C were probably not going to be used so obtaining A&E data from these poles may be unnecessary). In this latter dataset, technicians did not have to be deployed back out to the field.

What do you think happened? Don’t worry, we’ll let you in on this secret: the second test set blew away the first in terms of time saved. Even though each candidate took longer to audit in the second set, it only took a few minutes longer for each candidate because most of the time spent while SCIPing with Site Selector is travel time between sites. Sending another person back out to the sites after lockdown/scoping nearly doubled the total time when drive time was factored in.

Another benefit is that as some candidates had to fall out later on in the process due to jurisdictional preference or other reasons, once again the sites in the second set did not have to be revisited and as such, it created even more of a value for completing the A&E walk during SCIP.

This is exactly how QuickSCIP users are able to do twice as much in half as much time just in the field! Again, that’s a 4x improvement for folks just in the field using Site Selector. Couple that with the time savings on managing data and reporting and you get beyond 10x improvement in most cases.

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