Rapidly Accelerating Virtual Site Walks with Control Tower

July 5, 2020

In this post-COVID world we’re living in and with the widely available high speed internet we enjoy today, many carriers are turning to virtual site walks and lockdowns to review SCIP candidates.

Typically we see RF, Real Estate, Site Acquisition, A&E, Transport and Construction representatives attend these virtual site walks. With this group, you want things to go right, and fast.

The common practice is to have SCIP data on the screen share, a spreadsheet for tracking which sites are picked, pictures of the candidates and Google Earth of ArcGIS to review site location.

What if you could combine all of these into one simple, easy to use platform? You don’t have to wonder ‘what if’ any longer! QuickSCIP’s Control Tower enables you to filter, sort and search for specific sites; you can see your results in map view, a list, or in split screen; you can view accurate coordinates and even use Street View in the map; and you can browse all of your collected candidate data and pictures all from within the same page.

It’s pretty incredible, and we’re happy to share it with the Wireless world to help you power up your virtual site walks.

The vendors using our platform have told us that this feature alone improves their credibility with their carrier PM’s more than any other piece of tech. They went from completing 10 site walks a day in the field to completing 100 sites in four hours.

That’s one site approval every 2.4 minutes. And that’s approval from all parties. Amazed yet? There’s more.

With all the data being managed from one place, you can quickly change candidates in seconds without needing to shuffle through papers or digging down into your Google Earth KMZ file to find the alternate candidates: it’s all conveniently included in Control Tower.

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